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As the name suggests, Nakshatras really speaks. They speak about our destiny, future, upcoming challenges, and opportunities in life. Using VEDIC ASTROLOGY we can help you uncover those challenges and let you prosper in different aspects of life.
Vedic Astrology is an Ancient Indian Astrological science which deals with the planets and planetary movements in the sky. It shows the effect and position of planets at the time of a person’s birth. Astrology operates in the framework of Horoscopes. This is also known by the names of “Birth chart” or “Janam Kundali.”


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I visited the Online course by Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal for a deeper knowledge of Vedic astrology. Dr. Agarwal, explains very clearly and meet all my expectation. I highly recommend his course. Thanks for his teaching and guidance

D. Jovic
 Zurich, Swizerland

This basic course on Vedic Astrology was very useful for a Vedic Jyotish Study beginner and an enthusiast like me. This course conducted by Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal provided me with a broad range of skills like reading the Janma-Kundali in a broader sense, evaluating the positions of various planets in the Rashi chakra, their strengths, their good or bad Drishti, friends or enemies from the point of view of predictive astrology. As a summary, this class by Dr. Ujjwal provided me with a good starting knowledge of Jyotish which has prompted me to learn more Vedic Jyotish concepts and practice more horoscopes.

Dhananjay Chitale
Ontario, Canada

Well, the precise course is developed by Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal sir, covering whole important and basic topics, gives complete knowledge regarding planets, its houses, zodiac/signs, and till the end, you will be capable to do the prediction by your own, apart from all this, sir has great orating and explaining skills makes you understand whatever is present in your syllabus and as per your requirement. At the end of the day, I would like to say this is the best place to endeavor the deep sea of astrology.

Risabh Tripathy
Patna, India

Astrology is the enormous field which requires years of learning and experience, this course has to be the perfect starting point for that. The beginner’s course has just enough content and depth that’s required to have a basic understanding of different aspects of a Kundali. Not just the theory but the discussions on several Kundali’s are what help in cementing the concepts, ideal for the people who have some or no knowledge in this field.

Priya Chatterjee
Bangalore, India

We thank you for conducting the basic Vedic astrology course. The course contents, basic points, and subject presentations were easy in understanding and learning. We thank you for your efforts in preparing the PowerPoint presentations. Again, thanks for your patience and catering time to the individuals in solving doubts.

K. Sridhar
Visakhapatnam, India