Yantra is a device that is used to neutralize the defects of different planets present in your horoscope. The yantra is a source of energy in which the energy of some planet is contained. Using the yantra, people receive the blessings of a planet associated with it. The instrument removes the bad effects of planets. If a planet in your horoscope is giving inauspicious results, then you should rigorously worship the yantra associated with your planet. Worshipping yantra helps to bring in lots of health, wealth, and happiness in your lives.

Yantras are mystical power diagrams or compositions of geometric shapes and abstract or symbolic elements that correspond to material elements, forms of energy or cosmic forces. Yantras have long been used as instruments for invoking and tapping into spiritual energy for enhancing the focus of meditation, prayers, goals, wishes or objectives.

Shri Yantra

It is a very powerful and auspicious Yantra for attainment of worldly comforts and fulfilment of all wishes. One can get rid of his/her problems and change life for the better with the continuous use of it. By worshipping Sri Yantra one can remove obstacles, stress, anxiety and depression. It blesses the worshipper with fame, power, authority, financial gain, professional success, peace and harmony. The Yantra is inscribed in Gold, Silver, Copper or one can use crystal material. Sri Yantra also known as the Yantra of cosmos, is a highly eye-catching and of the most dynamic of all Yantras.

Sri Yantra

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