Vastu Course starting from 11 Oct 2022

Two Days workshop on Yantra Shastra


Discover about Indian Yantra Shastra

Conducted By Dr.Ujjwal Agarwal



    What you’ll learn

 Discover about Vedic Yantra Shastra

Complete knowledge about Indian Yantra Shastra 

Learn about Elements and different Yantra

Learn how to prepare and use Yantra in Daily Life

Remedial Solutions through Yantra

Case study discussions 


  • Basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology 
  • Some of the materials you may wish to print or download



Yantras are mystical symbols or numbers that vibrate the mystic and unknown frequencies in the atmosphere.

Since the Vedic times, these yantra have been used in India for diverse purpose like marriage, personal life problem, marital disputes, legal disputes, financial and money problem, job- and job-related problems, health, gain in progeny etc

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction of Yantra Shastra
  2. Planets Yantra
  3. Medical Yantra for Health
  4. Different Laxmi Yantra
  5. Yantra for Prosperity and Happiness
  6. Shri Yantra

This Course Includes:

  2 Months Live video classes

 downloadable resources

 Access on mobile