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Problems related to marriage

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This Consultation Includes:

 1 Hour Live Consultation.

Discussion about the marriage and child-related issues

 Remedial measures as required.

 Validity of consultation for 3 months

Problems related to marriage:

People may face problems during their married life. There may be lack of compatibility, disputes related to finance, lack of understanding with in-laws, no emotional bonding etc. There can be many more other reasons which can be resolved by astrological help.
There are many cases where girls or boys do not find suitable match and marriage gets delayed due to any of the reasons. There are many astrological reasons which can cause delay in marriage or problems in married life. Mangalik dosh and Kalsarpa Yoga both had a major effect on married life. Our expert astrologer will detect the reason behind the delay and guide you with a remedial solutions.
There are some houses and planets which mainly affects married life.
Houses affecting married life:

  • 2nd house: Growth and expansion of family
  • 4th house: Domestic happiness
  • 5th house: Children, love affairs
  • 7th house: Spouse, marriage and married life
  • 8th house: Female horoscope
  • 12thhouse: Bed comforts

Planets affecting married life:

Venus : Karaka of wife, marriage, lust

Jupiter: Karaka of husband

Mars: Karaka of husband, marital knotPositions and strength of these planets and their placements in the horoscope affects the marital life.

Our astrological expert is having an in-depth knowledge of Vedic astrology so that he can access the problem and provide you with remedial measures.

Childbirth related problems:

Children are the gift of god to the couples. Married life is incomplete without a child. Child causes expansion or growth of the family. Children are god’s blessings to the parents. But unfortunately , not all the couples are blessed with them. Or some of them may become a parent after facing lots of issues and delays. So, is there really a solution to this problem?

Vedic astrology has all the answers. It reveals all the problems related to childbirth. For conception related problems, horoscope of both husband and wife should be analyzed.

There may be two possibilities:

  1. Whether it is a case of childlessness.
  2. Whether it is a case of delay.

Astrologically the houses involved in the birth of child are:

  • 2nd house: Karaka of growth and expansion of family;
  • 5th house: 1st child; children in general;
  • 7th house : 2nd conception;
  • 11thhouse: Pregnancy of wife, gain of children.

Planets affecting childbirth are:

  • Jupiter : Putrakaraka
  • Kethu: Abortive node
  • Venus: Produces sperms

Therefore multiple planets are analyzed and their results are based on number of factors like their placement in houses, lordship of houses, relationship with other
planets etc. There are many more other factors that are involved and needs to be analyzed by an experienced astrologer.