Vastu Course starting from 11 Oct 2022

Two Days workshop on Yantra Shastra


Predicted By Our Astrologers

This Consultation Includes:

 1 Hour Live Consultation.

Discussion about the professional issues in life.

 Remedial measures as required.

 Validity of consultation for 3 months

Having a successful and thriving career is dream of every person. Blooming career is a reflection of successful status in society and defines our fortune in life. At times people get confused with their career choices.

Career horoscope and career predictions help you choose the right career based on your traits and characteristics. Vedic astrology can act as a predictive tool which will tell about the best suited profession for a person knowing his Birth chart.

Sometimes a person may face problems within the ongoing job. An expert astrologer will find the solution and guide the person accordingly.

Profession or Business depends upon:

  • 10th house from Lagna ;
  • 10th house from Moon ;
  • Lord of Navmasha containing 10th lord;
  • Sun (karaka of profession)

Service depends upon:

  • Strength of Lagna ;
  • Strength of 6th house;
  • Sun ( karaka of service)
  • Mercury ( karaka of service)
  • Rajayogas
  • Directional influences
  • Trines of 6th(i.e. 2nd and 10th )
  • Saturn , Mars ( karakas of service)

Planets & Profession:

  • Sun: Government, Owner, Administrator, Politicians.
  • Moon: Mental work, liquid, traveller, dairy products, white items.
  • Mars: Military, Police, Engineering work, lawyers.
  • Mercury: Education, Clerks, Teachers, Transport.
  • Jupiter: Bankers, Income-tax, Teacher/Professor, research work.
  • Venus: Artists, Cinema, TV, Fashion Designer.
  • Saturn: Government Service, Oil, Coal, Agriculture.
  • Rahu: Research, Lawyer, Aviation, Electricity.
  • Ketu: Secret Services, Tricky jobs, Religious head.