Our eating habits are connected to the 2nd house and 12th house is the house of fasting. In fact, fasting is the best remedy for the 12th house of loss. Moreover, when a person observes fast for its ruling planet it is following all the rituals, it helps to overcome relationships problems and loss in business or property etc.

Fasting on a specific day

SUNDAYFor acquiring glow, power and glory like Sun
MONDAYThis is observed by ladies for their good luck, for getting desired offspring and for the eradication of poverty
TUESDAYFor acquiring courage and power and to win over enemies
WEDNESDAYThis is observed for education, intelligence, health, prosperity and peace
THURSDAYFor reputation, wealth and prosperity
FRIDAYFor propitiation of planets, fulfillment of wishes and longevity of kids
SATURDAYFor appeasing Saturn, overcoming obstacles and to get rid of malefic influence of major/sub period, Sadhesati or Dhaiya of planet Saturn.

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