Vastu Course starting from 11 Oct 2022

Two Days workshop on Yantra Shastra


Discover more details about Astrology.

Conducted By Dr.Ujjwal Agarwal



    What you’ll learn

 Discover more about Astrology

Complete knowledge about Muhurat Shastra

All about different Remedial solutions (Yantra, Mantra & Lal Kitab)

Learn how to use Medical astrology in life

Solution of various problems of life

Case study discussion


  • Basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology is required
  • Some of the materials you may wish to print



In this course you will be able to discover three important branches of astrology namely:

  • Muhurat Shastra
  • Remedial Solutions (Mantra, Yantra & Lal Kitab)
  • Medical Astrology

Muhurat is a concept through which we get the information regarding the best available timings and Tithi to start an auspicious work like to purchase a property, marriage, education etc. In Vedic astrology for every work there is a Muhurat and if we follow Muhurat system, sure we will get best results in life.

 Astrological Remedies cannot change the destiny and past karma of life; remedies prevent you from negative impact and give positive vibration in life. There are different types of remedies life blessings, fasting, chant mantras and wearing gemstones.

Medical astrology (traditionally acknowledged as Astro-mathematics) is an earliest medical system that connects various parts of the body, illnesses, and medicines as under the effect of the 7 physical planets and 2 shadow planets. Each House, Rashi and Planets connected to the different body parts and by deep analysis of horoscope we can predict the different dieses and their astrological solutions. conducts Advance online courses on Vedic Astrology. Live online classes are conducted by Expert Vedic Astrologer Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal (Jyotish Shastri, Medical Astrologer & Muhurat Expert)

Topics covered:

Muhurat Astrology :

  • Vedic Panchang
  • Muhurat based on Tithi
  • Muhurat based on Tithi and Var
  • Abhijit Muhurat
  • Rahu Ral
  • Choghadiya Muhurat
  • Hora Muhurat and Panchak

    Remedial Solutions :

    • Yantra Remedies
    • Charity /Daan Remedies
    • Lal Kitaab Remedies
    • Mantra Remedies
    • Rudraksha Remedies

    Medical Astrology :

    • Medical in Vedic Astrology
    • Body Parts & Houses
    • Body Part & Rashi/Zodiac Sign
    • Combination for Good Health
    • Heart  & Skin diseases
    • Insomnia or sleep disorders
    • Blood Pressure and Diabetic etc…


    This Course Includes:

      12 Weeks Live video classes

     downloadable resources

     Access on mobile