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Dhananjay Chitale
  1. Could not find any yoga in the chart.
  2. As per Shadbala Mercury is the strongest planet. The weakest planet is Saturn.        Apart from the shadbala calculation , it can also be roughly  gaged from the  fact that it is sitting in Dhansthan with Chandra (its friend) and the lord of two Kendra sthanas 7 and 10. The next contender is Guru but it is sitting in 8th house (Dusthan) although lord of 1st and 4th house(Kendra) Shani is sitting in the 12th (Dusthana) with two ememies Surya and Shukra.
  3. Current Mahadasha is Guru till  11/5/33. Antar Dash is  Saturn till 11/1/22.
  4. If we discuss the Chandra and Budh. The Budh is strongest as mentioned in #2 above. Chandra is Budh’s freind. Budh is lord of 7th and 10th house. So it is likely that this boy will get a good job in Budh Mahadasha (when he is 38 years old- 11/5/52 to 11/5/69) which calls for using buddhi, business or communication. Also he will make a reasonable income doing this job. Ketu has drishti on the 10th house which could cause a problem to his job performance (such as disnterest in the job for some duration)  later in Ketu Antardasha .
  5. Overall prediction- This is not a very good patrika. As mentioned in #5 will be intelligent and  a good job and may be some money but This boy will not be able to rise high in his job as Saturn is the lord of 3rd house and sitting in Dusthana along with enemy. Not be able to enjoy luxuries of life due to enemies as Shukra is sitting in 12th with enemy surya and is the lord of 6th house.  His Surya is sitting in 12th with enemy and is lord of 9th house. I think he might have  strained relations with his father during Surya Antardasha, Rahu has drishti on 4th house and Ketu is sitting there . During Ketu antardasha he might have been required to stay away from his motherland or lose property .